Sunday, September 25, 2022


As much as I would like to run down my resume and talk about all my accomplishments, I am not. That doesn’t define who I am… I am mother of two handsome boys, simple in so many ways but creative in others. I have been told my out-going personality is contagious and my love of smiling is my best asset. I want to live my life full of laughs and happiness. Traveling, good wine, friends and family is what I love. Join my girl and I on this journey, let’s laugh, cry and learn together.


My story isn’t very glamorous. I have interesting things that have occurred throughout my 30 + years peppered here and there and other things that are mundane and beyond boring. I will spare you of those points of my life and make it so the interesting stories in my life are highlighted. Writing is therapy for me, my escape. I can write and be as free as I want, and I want others to see and read that I am an imperfect Rubix cube that has stories to share and wants others to learn and laugh along with me.