Trippin! Our Girls Trip To Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


By: Andrea

This summer has been a fun one indeed. Even though I managed to catch the dreaded COVID, I was still able to enjoy the summer and be outside, more than I was the last 2 years. It felt great! The best thing of all, I got a chance to do a girl trip with my blog bestie Cher. We’ve traveled together before and have been friends for roughly 15 years so we know each other know each!

As we normally do, we kicked around ideas of places we wanted to girl trip it this year, and we settled on Mexico and eventually Puerto Vallarta. Much debate, however, because neither one of us had been to Mexico before and we weren’t sure what area was the safest/best to travel. We did our research, asked around, and Puerto Vallarta won. It was an amazing experience too! We tried to figure out our excursions but somehow that didn’t pan out. I think the both of us are really more go with the flow (not too much because the option of zip lining was put out there and one of us immediately said no LOL!). Not to mention, I think we both weren’t looking for anything explosive and swing off the rafters. In our late 30s, we’re more calm, subdued, and tamed…to a degree. And we wanted to get home in one piece.

I will say beware of the timeshare aggressors at the airport! If that’s your thing, by all means, but it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to navigate  through the airport after getting through customs and you’re bombarded with individuals trying to give you shots of tequila and margaritas so you can sit through an hour presentation. No thank you! They even throw in they’ll give you a ride to your resort or hotel and by the second shot of tequila you’re onboard. Once again, BEWARE!

We researched places to dine, beaches to go to and areas to explore. If you’re ever interested in visiting, we have a few suggestions below:


Delta Hotels Riviera Nayarit, An All-Inclusive Resort. This resort provided everything we needed. The staff was extremely friendly, there were enough restaurants and bars, and best of all, it was affordable. Anytime we needed transportation down to the main lobby of the resort, we were able to call ahead and someone was available in one of the carts to take us where we needed. They also called ahead for cabs if one was needed as well. They have Uber but it ends up being a little cheaper going the cab route.

We had breakfast every morning on the resort and drinks at the lobby bar with our bartender who hooked us up with the best, most unique drinks he concocted. They two beautiful pool areas, a gym, and a sushi restaurant that we had the pleasure of dining at the night before our departure.

Things to do

Sayulita is a cute, beachy hippie town that has plenty of bars, shops and of course beaches! A lot of tourists come out here for the vibe because it is so laid back and chill. We walked around for a bit, first to get to an ATM (get your money at the airport; the US dollar can go pretty far in Mexico so budget accordingly) then to snap a couple of pics for the ‘gram and head to the beach.

We rented a chair and umbrella from one of the vendors, and you can order food and drinks as well. Don’t believe the hype though if they tell you they have an area where you can change clothes…it’s literally a small, not so clean bathroom (sorry!). There are also vendors that walk up and down the beach selling everything from fruit, to candy, to blankets (yes, blankets!). There was even a small band willing to play music for you. The beach is also known for surfing so if surfing is your thing or you want to learn they have instructors willing to show you how to catch the waves.

I was craving coffee and wanted to try out one of the coffee shops. We were recommended YAH-YAH Cafe, and they did not disappoint. It’s a cute little cafe that had an assortment of pastries and coffees.

There are other things you can do such as exploring other towns (San Pancho, Punta Mita, Jalisco, Mascata), tequila tasting (tequila is the alcohol spirit of choice in Mexico and the birthplace), yacht tours, and more beaches.


Downtown Puerto Vallarta is really pretty at night. We went for dinner and ended up getting rained out (so not fun) but we couldn’t help but notice how electrifying and exciting it was. And of course there are beaches LOL! There were so many restaurants to choose from and we ended up settling on a restaurant called Mar y Vino that sits above another restaurant that had a live show with dinner…it was just fun walking through it! The ambience inside the restaurant was beautiful. You have an amazing view of the ocean and the beach. And if you’re still wanting more water, you can literally dine in the pool (I know right!).

Overall Experience

It was a great trip overall. While there are things we wish we could’ve done and places we wish we would’ve visited, we thought the trip brought us the peace and relaxation we desperately needed. We didn’t have to worry about time schedules or itineraries. We just took our time, went with the flow and have an amazing time together girl trippin’!

Take some of our recommendations and suggestions and definitely visit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!


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