Product Review: Get Healthy Edges with Edge Naturale


Hey Tea Fam,

I’m back to talk with you about Edge Naturale. If you remember a few months back, I wrote a piece on their Follicle Enhancer and how it helped me get my edges back. Well I am back again to tell you more about this product! 

After having a partial sew-in for six to eight weeks, my hair needed a break. I removed my weave and I noticed that I had a two bald spots between my edges and hair. Immediately traumatized, I went back to using Edge Naturale’s Follicle Enhancer to help get these edges together. 

Shortly after, Edge Naturale reached out to us (Tea With Honey) about using their product again. They were right on time, my jar was coming close to being empty and I needed more product. Not only that, we had a great collab with them on the previous product review and we knew that we had to jump on this chance again. 

The Follicle Enhancer is a light weight cream with a mint smell. I really like this product because a little bit can go a long way. I have been using the product multiple times a day and it has lasted for three months. It is made with fresh ingredients, black-owned and of course, made in the U.S.  If you have not read the previous blog post and want a full review, check it out, Sis, It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Edges Back. It is worth every penny. 

I definitely enjoy working with the Edge Naturale team. Their products arrive quick and their service is great! We can’t wait to partner with them again on future collaborations.

Love life and full of smiles,


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