Sis, It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Edges Back


By: Cher

For years, I have been self-conscious of my widow’s peak. It is something as a child, boys would point out in a way of being flirtatious, but I felt more of my self-esteem lower bit by bit. My hairline is a M-shape which the points of the hairline is thinner than the rest of the edges around my head. If I get stressed, my edges in that section are the first to go and each year it gets thinner and thinner due to hormonal changes. After I had my first child, I could see the difference in my hairline. It took a year and multiple prenatal/multivitamins to get my edges back to normal. Then of course after child number two, it happened again. After a year, my edges did not return back to normalcy. Multiple hair products and types of vitamins like biotin and multivitamins were used to try get my edges back. But styling my hair with protective styles like braids and twists just pulled and caused more damage to my edges.

Edge Naturale reached out to us to try their follicle enhancer. Edge Naturale’s follicle enhancer is a natural product that treats hair loss. It does not contain any toxic chemicals or excess fillers and it provides an effective solution to treat hairlines in need.

Once, I received it in the mail, I could not wait to use it. It was in a small container, but you do not need to use a ton of product on your edges. It is not only for your hairline, but you can also use it on your scalp. The smell was amazing, it did not have a harsh smell and it is not greasy. I used it for five weeks and I could see a difference with my edges. They were growing back slowly, but I could tell the product had helped. You will need to use it approximately two times a day to get the desired results.

I am glad I was able to try it. I reached out to one of my girlfriends to see if she could tell a difference and she could, so I am happy that there is a product out there that worked for me. They also have hair vitamins to help stimulate your hair follicles for you to achieve healthy, thicker hair.   If you have tried this brand, let me know by dropping a comment below and tell us about your experience.

Love life and full of smiles!





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