Let’s Face It: How to Give Yourself a Basic Facial


By: Andrea

I was never one for facials. I wasn’t opposed to them, per se, but I never thought I needed them. I always just washed my face with mild soap and warm water and moisturize with vitamin E cream or lotion. I was pretty ignorant to the whole concept really. I thought of it as something people with money or even acne mostly got, not someone that had fairly normal skin, and not to mention broke, got regularly. So, I always ignored them. Now, being 36 and very much aware of my health and self-care, I wanted to explore what facials really meant and how to properly give yourself a basic one.

Reasons for Facials

  • Anti-aging – you want a youthful glow, even when you’re 80. You want to look healthy and rejuvenated and full of zest and life. Facials can help to breakdown and remove unhealthy bacteria that lies in your skin. They also aid in boosting cell regeneration. And, for real, who doesn’t want to look younger?
  • Reduce stress – I believe there are pressure points that lie in our skin that when massaged and worked through thoroughly can release tension and tightness. The feeling of relaxation and relief can instantly be felt as your anxiety levels are reduced.
  • Open your pores – our pours tend to get blocked through oils, dirt, dead skin cells, and even dry skin, which eventually lead to pimples. Facials help to cleanse and, essentially, give you a fresh start. You’re stripping away all of the buildup your skin has accumulated and allowing your skin to…breathe.
  • Even skin tone – sun, aging, hormones, are all related to melanin, which is what gives your skin it’s color. When you skin has too much melanin production it can result in dark spots or patches on your skin. Facials even out your skin tone and reduces those dark spots giving you the glow that you desire.

Facial 101

The Facial Routine

  • Begin by washing your face with your cleanser. Make sure you gently work the product into your skin. Many suggest cleansing with an oil-based cleanser, which removes makeup and products, then a second water-based cleanser. This will remove the dirt from your skin and leave your skin clean. Pat your skin dry with a cloth.
  • Apply your facial toner using a cotton pad, swiping over your face, neck and chest.
  • Using your steamer (or steaming hot pot of water), hover your face over the steam. Do not over steam as this can cause dryness. You’d only need to do this only 10 minutes (you may not need all of that time).
  • The dampness from the steam will allow you to work in your exfoliation scrub. Rinse away the scrub and pat your skin dry with a soft towel. You can also choose to use a mask instead. Place the mask on your face using the time permitted on the product label. Rinse off traces of the mask and pat with a towel.
  • Finish your routine using a light moisturizer. Your skin should be slightly damp when applying your moisturizer to achieve the dewy, glowing look you seek. Apply to your cheeks, forehead and chin and work in gently.

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