Quarantine and Chill: Ideas on Dating During COVID-19


By: Andrea

COVID-19 has pretty much taken over every single thing that could be considered “fun”. It’s to the point where creativity is needed in every facet of our lives in order to have some type of peace of mind or sanity. I wrote an article about vacationing not being cancelled and how we should learn new ways of enjoying our time off during this new normal (cringe!). Now, I feel there’s a need to get creative when it comes to dating.

I’ve had conversations with many of my single gal pals and guys and asked what is it like dating during this quarantine? Some have said they haven’t done anything; meaning haven’t gone out because they’re trying to stay as safe as possible, have gone out with someone to a restaurant outdoors, or may have done a video chat, and that’s about it. I’m all for staying safe and keeping it casual, especially if you’re just getting to know someone and not sure who they’ve been around and the uncertainty this climate has brought. But I’m also someone that is a sucker for a good love story and wants to hear stories about people that have used this dark time to find happiness with someone. I even tried setting up two of my friends and gave them date ideas. Sadly, they didn’t work out (I can’t help ‘em all, y’all!) but I thought my ideas were good enough to pass on to someone else that may need creative ideas on quarantine dating.

Virtual dinner for two

So everyone from companies to friends to family members were doing virtual happy hours over Zoom or FaceTime or whatever video platform of their choosing. At first it was ok. Then suddenly everyone grew tired of it and it got old real quick. I think because we were on video calls all day with work that jumping on a call, while you’re already home, to have a cocktail and chat with your co-workers or friends, etc. was just not it anymore!

So, I thought why not do something completely out of the box? If you’re going to go the video route so that you can get to know your date, I suggest dressing up, and if you’re the one initiating the date, ask your date ahead of time where they’d like to order food from and order their meal and have it delivered (Grubhub, Postmates, Uber Eats, Doordash). You do the same for yourself having your meal delivered. You have to make sure the time is set that your meal is delivered and received on or around the same time. This helps your date know that you’ve taken time out to think about him/her and being thoughtful. Kinda cute, right?

Turn that up, that’s my jam!

Virtual day parties and DJs going live to get folks pumping during quarantine is all the rave. I’m sure you’ve seen the Versuz battles via Instagram or some companies, like mine, have a DJ to play music on a Friday to unwind.

If your date is someone that likes music why not have a date where you guys have music playing and you’re getting your jam on? You guys can just sit and listen to the music and chat while jamming or just get up and start dancing! It’s a way to show a fun, outgoing side and letting your hair down.

Sip and paint, quarantine edition

If you’ve ever been to a sip and paint you have the instructor that provides you with your canvas that’s already outlined and your paints, tells you about brush strokes, etc. and you sip your wine and feel fine. My suggestion here, dear friends, is to either have an already outlined canvas or painting freestyle (if you know what you’re doing) and have the canvas and paints delivered to your date. You can get your outlined canvas and paints from etsy or Michaels. You guys can sit on video sipping and painting together.

Netflix and no choice but to chill

This is a no brainer. It’s all about choosing the right movie or show (binge watching a show gives you a chance to keep watching with your date) to watch and chill. You can talk about the show while on video, of course have your snacks on deck, and let the night be yours. I know it’s not ideal because you likely want to snuggle up with your date, but these are the times we’re living in.

Outdoor Picnic

Ok, so it’s time to go outside. Picnics, no matter what, will never go out of style. If you feel comfortable with your date and know what their covid-19 results are and vice versa, it’s ok to take your date outdoors and get some fresh air. Wear your mask of course when needed, I mean this is still a pandemic after all.


These are just a few creative ideas that you can do with your date during these difficult times to keep you safe but also active in dating. Your dating life doesn’t have to slow down, and I don’t encourage it to. If you’re single, you owe it to yourself to continue with your dating life. We all want to be with someone in some capacity and getting to know someone right now doing something more creative is also good for your mental health. This may be a better outlook for you because you can take it slow and really get to know this person. There’s no need to rush.

I hope these help you guys. Let us know if you tried or will try any of these or other creative things you’ve done during this time to date. To dating in 2020! 


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