Vacation is NOT Cancelled!


By Andrea:

In light of COVID-19, lots of vacay plans have been altered or even cancelled. It sucks. So many of us work hard throughout the year and counted on the summer to be our release, unwind time, the ability to show off the bodies we worked hard for with our diets earlier in the year just for this moment to be “summertime fine”! Now, diets be damned, and vacations are a joke. So, what do we do? Honestly, you don’t have to say no to vacay just alter/tweak it a bit. Here are a few ideas:

Staycation – admit it, there are parts of your town that you’ve never explored, always loved, or just plain old curious about. Set up a staycation in those areas and just relax. You can rent an Airbnb or a hotel, with a pool of course, and just unwind. You can look up fun activities and things to do in your city that you may not have done otherwise but willing to try now. If you’re doing it for a girl’s trip, baecation, or a trip with the kiddies, you can pack a bag of fun pool toys, games, food, or drinks and just chill! Yes, you can do this at your own home for free but where’s the fun in that? Get some new scenery on your eyes!

Camping – I’ve never camped before, but I plan on doing that before the year is out. At any rate, I know that camping can be really fun and you can do a lot of things as there are many excursions that are available. I saw a company on TV called KOA that specializes in camping fun for families and they offer many amenities and fun things to do while camping at their campsite. They have several campgrounds in various locations. You can also camp the rugged way and find a campsite nearest you and just enjoy the outdoors. Biking, kayaking, hiking, four wheeling, the possibilities are endless!

RV Road Trip – another thing on my bucket list. My dad loves to drive and he said one day he wants to rent an RV (or own, whichever comes first) and travel across the U.S. with my mother and check out the sights. I got to thinking, “why not?” Renting an RV is perfect. You have your sleeping arrangements and you just park it at the nearest campground and just be. You also have what you need already with you and can even tow your car along to check out local scenery. You can do whatever you want, it’s your vacation!

Safe and Social Distanced Resorts/Hotels – believe it or not, folks are still traveling and there are resorts and hotels that are practicing safety precautions to make sure everyone follows the rules of social distancing. Travel with your masks and sanitizer and continue to stay 6 ft apart. It’s a long shot, of course, but do your research and look for areas that do not have a spike in coronavirus cases and are accepting tourists.

Bring the Beach to You – a friend of mine told me the cutest story about his daughter that wanted to pretend like they were at the beach. He got her a sand pit and kiddie pool for the backyard and they got in their bathing suits and laid out towels and had a beach day. I melted when I heard this and thought this is a great idea for kids. Spray on some sun tan lotion, put on some music or sounds of the ocean, grab your towels, umbrella and chairs, and let the beach come to you. It’s not the real thing, obviously, but it’s about relaxing and letting your mind unplug for at least a few minutes. This is especially great for kids…let’s their imagination flow lol!

I hope you guys are able to try some of these ideas. Anything that can you help you set your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy what little summer we have left as much as we can. Don’t cancel out your vacation altogether, it’s still possible.

Peace and love guys!

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