Seriously, Who Doesn’t Love to Save Money?

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By: Cher

I’m a couponer, or should I say that I am a woman that LOVES to save money! I have friends that look at me crazy when I pull out my coupon book. But when they need a coupon, I’m here to the rescue offering them coupons on coupons on coupons. I never fully understood why people pay regular price for items. At an early age, my mom taught me how to save money on items by using coupons or shopping sales. The money you save on one thing can be used to buy other item(s) that you want. To me that’s a win-win. Now, there is nothing wrong with paying full price for items because some items (high-end brands) just never go on sale or can’t be purchased with a coupon.  Below are some tips and tricks I use when shopping.



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Grocery shopping is one of your biggest expenses. It seems like the boxes and jars have gotten smaller, but that price tag is bigger. If there is a grocery store you frequently shop at make sure to sign up for their emails. They have weekly mailers with deals, and you can go online and click coupons. Places like Kroger, Smith’s, Jay’s, etc. (which are all part of the same chain) track what you purchase when you use their savings card and will send you coupons based on your purchases. Places that offer delivery or pick-up will sometimes waive their fee which makes that shopping experience a little easier to just drive up, pick up groceries and go.

Target offers 5% when you use their RedCard. The RedCard comes directly from your account and it is not a CREDIT CARD. Some people brush it off because they think it is, but it is not. You get a discount on your purchase as well as the discounts offered in the Mobile app. Target also has Target Circle which gives you 1% of earnings when you shop there. You are able to use those earnings toward future purchases.



Most clothing and shoe retailers have sales during the holidays…every single holiday as a matter of fact. Most places offer rewards programs, which if you buy a certain amount you will receive a coupon or reward that can be used on a future purchase. I like to search the internet looking for deals by comparing websites and identify which site has the best price. For example, there were a pair of sneakers I was interested in buying. I found them at DSW, Macy’s and Finish line. DSW and Macy’s had the better price, but DSW rewards program offered so much more and gave me the better deal with earning points, using a reward and using a coupon. It was a steal. And of course during your birthday month, places will send you an offer for a free or discounted. Just to make you feel special during your birthday month. Also, there’s a coupon scanning application that you can download to your desktop called Honey. Honey scraps the internet for promo codes to use for your online shopping. When you checkout, Honey will instantly pop up letting you know you have promo codes to use. Some are outdated but some definitely do work!


Gigi’s Cupcakes offer a free cupcake, Starbucks offers a free drink at any size, Nothing Bundts Cakes offers a free bundtlet, ice cream shops offering free ice cream, the list goes on!



I love to travel! Well who doesn’t?! LOL. One thing I invested in was an airline credit card specifically for travel. Hotels, airlines, and rental car agencies all offer credit cards. Hotel and airlines offer bonus points when you sign-up and offer 2X/4X points when you book which help you start to accumulate points quickly.  The more points you have the more hotel stays and flights you will receive for free or low cost. If getting a credit card makes you uneasy, that’s understandable. Websites like Hopper helps you search for hotels and flights will let you know when to book so that you are getting the lowest price to travel.  Airfordable allows you to book your flight based on a payment plan.  You will have scheduled installments before you depart and it won’t hurt your pockets.


So, who doesn’t love saving money?!?! I’ll wait…Lol. I  would love to hear some ways you love to save! If you have any tips or tricks you would love to add, please share them below?


Love life, full of smiles!


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