The Skincare Routine You Didn’t Know You Needed!

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By: Cher

It’s no secret that I have been battling acne for years. I write more about my acne experience in the post, Stay Clear. I thought maybe it would end after puberty, but adult acne creeped in and has continue to disrupt my daily life with its presence. However, it is my fault – my skincare routine was a hit or miss. I had been using random products here and there, but never really had a legit skincare routine. Plus, I was still using products that I was using in my teenage and young adult years. But your skin does not work like that – like everything else it changes over time. You have to nurture it and eat healthy so that can have the clear, healthy skin that you want. Some people just have those good genes, and never had to worry about a pimple or acne, but I’m not one of them. Being in my 30’s I really needed to take the time to invest in my skincare.


But who has the time for face masks and serums everyday? You may ask. Well, you do! If you want to have the skin you want, you have to put in the work. So, NOW I follow a simple skincare routine that I feel is working for me. You may ask yourself does it matter what order I apply each product? Or do you have to use every single product? The answer to the first question is definitely a YES! Each product offers something to your skin and not applying it properly or in the order will cause it not to work to your liking. The answer to the second question is no. You have to find out the products that work best for you, it is trial and error. This skincare routine from Gypsy Tan is a great guide to follow by when starting your new skincare routine. Also, all skincare lines provide you with instructions on which products to use and when to apply. Follow their instructions to get the best results.


Now, you may not want to invest hundreds of dollars in finding the right products, so  I suggest finding a skincare line that you would like to try and purchase the mini or trial sizes. That way, you don’t have to feel like you wasted money on a product that you felt like it didn’t work and no have a ton of products that you will not use. When you feel like you just can’t find the right products, keep going. Don’t give up. Because hunny when you do, that skin is going to glow and pop!

Some of the products I am currently using are:

  •  Bolden USA  – Bolden is a skincare line for brown and black girls. I absolutely love it.
  • WOW – I use them for my cleanser. I grabbed a couple of the foam wash during Amazon’s Prime day event and it was worth the investment.
  • Purlisse – I recommend them before in a previous post and they haven’t failed me yet. Their mask always has my skin feeling fabulous.


Having acne will be a constant battle I will always deal with but finding a skincare routine that fits with my crazy, busy schedule has helped me fight this battle. I encourage those who are dealing with acne to not give up and find the skincare routine that is best for you.

If you have products that you love using to help with your acne and breakouts, drop them below in the comments. I would love to try some other products!


Love life and full of smiles,




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  1. Do you, by chance, take biotin? It’s the main ingredient in hair, skin, and nails vitamins. When I thought I was getting adult acne, I just happened upon a YouTube video that said biotin could be a culprit. I stopped taking it and immediately saw a difference in my skin!

    • No, not anyMore. I used to a long time ago but I wasn’t seeing any results with hair growth. lol. That is good to know about biotin. I didn’t know it could cause adult acne.

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