Emotional Distancing: Managing Your Energy During Covid-19


By: Andrea


I’ve taken this time of social distancing—a phrase that has seemingly been ingrained in all of us due to good ole COVID-19, and one that I despise hearing now—to emotionally distance myself from all things, people, etc. that drain the spirit. I encourage others to do the same. It is freeing! If you can data dump things from your mind, meaning you can take in so much information and dump it from your subconscious so that your mind is filled with other useful or maybe useless information, you can certainly emotional distance yourself from toxicity.

Here are a few ways to do so:

Put the phone DOWN!

Unplug from friends, and even family. Sometimes, it’s healthy to take a time out. I know, I know we all miss our friends and some of us want to hug our parents so badly (yep, that’s me!). But maybe you need this time of reflection for yourself. This is a time where your meditation and knowing yourself should be at the forefront of your mind. And, let’s face it, some family and friends can be toxic as all outdoors and you might’ve needed this time to realize that…ijs (let’s just say I’m watching Insecure and realizing a few things)! There’s also something to be said for friends and family that make you feel more self-conscious about your situation. You may be going through something very personal or this pandemic is taking its toll on you physically, emotionally, spiritually and even financially. Do you really have the mental capacity to take on someone else’s baggage, hear their stories about what they’re doing during quarantine when you may be trying to just get by? Think about it.


Meditation is literally sitting still, focusing on your breathing, and taking all the distractions and quieting the noise in your head—that’s where the focusing on your breathing part comes into play. When you meditate, your mind becomes clear. Think of it as a mental detox. You’re taking any and all distractions that are inside your brain—what to eat, what to wear, your relationships, work, etc.—and saying “uh uh!” and listening and focusing on your deep breaths, the rise and fall of your chest, how heavy your breathing is. Some people like subtle noises like rainfall or birds chirping or even chanting. When I first started meditating, I did all of these things and figured out how to quiet outside noise in my head just by breathing. Try it!

Social Media Detox

I’ve finding that during this time social media has its good points where it can provide entertainment and even allowing you to get caught up in your tea (gossip) and news related to this pandemic. But it also has it bad points. I’ve learned that this is a time where you can easily compare your situation to someone else’s. The best part about all of this is everyone and I mean EVERYONE is in the same boat! So, everyone’s social media pretty much looks as dry and “unfun” as yours. Here’s the kicker though…subconsciously you’re looking at all these projects your social media followers are posting or family time and even #couplegoals and could be thinking, “well damn, I’m doing none of that!” Don’t be discouraged. This isn’t a time to compare or look at others and see where you are failing. You are uniquely you…do you, boo!

Avoid becoming a “bad foods” foodie

Comfort food is just that, comforting, and right now we could all use some comfort. We’re in the house all day and the snacks are accessible, easy to get to, and they look so good. Some of us may be used to burn off our food by being out of the house more and now that we don’t have that luxury, we’re easily becoming “bad foods” foodies. If you’re like me, you were on track with your diet plan and the progress you were making with your fitness goals is up in the air or on hold or just in the toilet. Emotionally distance yourself from that food! Use this time to replace bad carbs (white bread, cookies, cake, white rice, white pasta, chips, juice, soda…shall I continue?) with good carbs (veggies, fruit, nuts, whole grains, potatoes, beans). I challenge you to at least try it for a week (you have time) and see how it goes. Don’t be emotionally tied to food during this time, it’s so easy. Listen to your body and take care of it. Our immune systems are in need of strengthening to fight off illnesses, especially the one we’re currently facing. Why not take this time to do your body some justice?

I hope some of these ideas help you guys. Don’t let this quarantine be one where you have to do everything at once, achieve every goal and obtain every dream you’ve ever thought of. You’ll get there. But you’re no good if you don’t get yourself mentally and physically together. It takes time and only you will know how and when you have snapped out of your funk to get where you want to be. But now is not the time to beat yourself up. It’s healthy to unplug and really reflect and focus. I know some of you may have children or loved ones you are taking care of and you can’t just unplug. But honestly, you can. How can you be any good to anyone if you’re not okay? It’s easy to stress out and go crazy but your peace is important. It’s easier said than done, and I struggled myself and went through so many different phases during this quarantine, but you pull yourself together, realize what’s important to you, and get moving. I want everyone to stay safe and stay blessed during this time.


Peace and love!




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