Real Talk: Homeschooling is no joke!


By: Cherimg_4452

It’s day three of the parent and children bonding time, a.k.a homeschool, and I have broken down once. Anxiety has gone all the way up and I lost an entire night of sleep thinking of school lesson plans for the next day. I mean seriously, I thought I would be better prepared to handle this.  But I’m not and I know that I am not the only one. This morning, the Today Show highlighted ways to homeschool your kids while doing your job, and of course, keeping each other sane during this crazy time. Click here to read more about the free resources you can use. I have to admit, I’m so grateful for the support system of teachers and friends who are making this transition for the next few weeks a little easier on my family cause the stress was real!

After finally getting it together after day two, I came up with a curriculum we will be implementing daily. I’m a person who plans and likes to have things in order, so I needed this type of organization in my life. Below is an example. (Don’t judge our board 😊, I do everything electronically and wasn’t spending the money to make a gorgeous looking board. I may need that money when the apocalypse comes full force lol!). I used an old chore board that I tried to clean up, but someone used permanent marker and I don’t want to use my hand sanitizer to try and fix. Hand sanitizer is running for $20 or more a bottle nowadays.


I created a curriculum that would be easy do throughout the day, but also fun while helping them develop independently. I will be making a lesson plan at night for each child. I have a fourth grader and one child in Pre-K.

Our days go like this:

9a-9:30a – Chores (make beds, wipe down door handles, light switches and sweep)

9:30a-10:30a – Reading and writing (work on handwriting, reading, learning letters, writing summaries, etc.)

10:30a-11:30a – Counting to 100, writing numbers, multiplications, fractions

11:30a-Noon – Creative time (paint or use LEGOs, or K’nex or playdough to make an object)

Noon-1p – Lunch

1p-2p – World history and writing/drawing in their daily journal

2p-3p – Some type of physical activity such as yoga, Zumba, and dance


Sounds like a lot, but it’s really not. I use the Remind App and website to communicate with my fourth grader’s teachers and they have sent links with packets of materials for math, science and reading/writing. My son’s Pre-K teacher sent home a packet with enough work for 3 weeks! Thank God!

I also incorporate life skills in the mix like cooking and gardening. Some things I have been wanting to do with my boys and I love it!  Below are some resources teachers have sent that are free to use:

I have a sorority sister who has a tutoring service and has offered websites with free resources on her website. Click here to check them out.

What are some of the tools you have used to help homeschool your kids? Feel free to share what you have been doing below.

Love life and full of smiles


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