Keeping it Sexy



By Cher:

Just because I am a mom…does that mean I need to dress less sexy? We have all heard the myth of the mom…mom jeans, mom pajama pants, yoga pants, Uggs or flip flops. The usual mom attire, I mean the list can go on and on. After a day of running around after kids, cleaning, cooking, and working a full-time job of course you want to enjoy the ease of wearing whatever you want so you can be as comfortable as you want to be. However, some moms like to spice things up. Those some moms are me, I’m some moms.


I feel like I am still young. I may be reaching 40, but this mom still likes to go out and enjoy the nightlife. But nowadays I feel like the attire that I wear could be perceived as too sexy in how my kids and others view me. For example, when I’m about to head out for a night out on the town, my kids will give me a hug and kiss goodbye. Now, my 10-year-old son always has these side comments like “shouldn’t you put those things up or cover those things?” Those “things” he is referring to are boobs (*side eye*) or he asks questions like “why are you wearing that? Aren’t you too old?” Sometimes it makes me question myself and what I am wearing. I don’t want to feel like I am embarrassing my children, but then again, it’s not like he’s hanging out with me on my night outs. I have always considered my looks classy with some sexy to it.


When I was younger, people would say “women should not wear mini skirts over the age of 40 or two-piece bikinis.” Times have changed, I don’t believe a mini skirt or bikini are considered extreme sexiness or less classy to wear over a certain age. They are items that are considered staples of a woman’s wardrobe. When you have women in their 50s like J.Lo and Halle Berry  rocking a two-piece with toned abs, its considered body goals. I mean they are killin’ the game! Can I say I would definitely want to be doing that in my 50s. I’m trying to do that now in my 30s. Especially in my single 30s. There was a time when I was covered up more, not saying there is anything wrong with that, but I was pulling the more comfortable mom look. It wasn’t something I was trying to do; it became more of a comfort thing. I was self-conscious of my body and how I looked. I wanted everything covered, because I was ashamed. With my weight fluctuating up and down after having my kids, stress eating from the divorce and job; it was a lot. Over the past few years, I have been working on bringing my sexy back and trying to find out what works for me.


I dislike the fact that we live in a world where you are treated differently based of how you look and what you wear. I don’t want to ever embarrass my children. There is a time and place for everything. I won’t be wearing a bodycon dress to parent-teacher conferences or a two-piece bikini to soccer and t-ball practices, but best believe I will be wearing one to the beach or pool. Being a mom and age does not factor in how or what you should wear, it’s all about being in your comfort zone and loving who you are. I am still working on that.


Love life, full of smiles


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