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By Cher:

Just recently, I helped plan a Bachelorette Getaway to Jamaica. I didn’t realize that bachelorette getaways were such a big thing to do now, but it seems like everyone is doing it. However, we did have a lot of fun, but there was a lot of planning behind it. I am by no means a travel agent, but I wanted everyone to have a fun filled good time. I’m sharing my tips and adventures form the trip.

Deciding on a location was last minute, but the destination of Jamaica was chosen. The bride-to-be wanted an adult only all-inclusive resort. The resort chosen was about one hour away from Montego Bay. That was not known until later. However, it was only 30-45 minutes from Ocho Rios. The bride-to-be had a friend that previously moved down to Jamaica and opened up a bed and breakfast. It was a relief to have a connect that kept it real and recommended the best places to go. She was such a huge help in getting this trip together. She was awesome in scheduling a driver for the day and recommending the best places to go.

Hotel Accommodations

We arrived in Jamaica on a Friday, this was my first time ever visiting the country. The hotel Luxury Bahia Principe, where we stayed offered transportation when you book through their website. Which was convenient. The ride there was a good experience. Because I was the last to arrive, I had my own private tor guide driver that provided history of the country and talked about current events. He made that hour trip in less then an hour and at times had me gripping on to the door handle.

I pulled up to the and the resort was gorgeous. We had 10 people in the group. This was the perfect venue because it was secluded from other resorts. There was a family hotel nearby, but it wasn’t close enough to hear kids around. The food was not bad, most of the restaurants took reservations and there was one that was available that did not require reservations. The resort did offer room service, which was available 24-hour and they were actually pretty quick.  There were plenty of pools and it was right near the beach.

Some of the things I did not like was that we requested to have all the rooms together since there were 10 of us.  They were unable able to make the request. It was kind of frustrating since, we had tried to request our room location before flying out and the website was down.

We requested to have all the rooms together. There were 10 of us (five rooms) and they were unable to make the request. We tried to do this before going, however the website was down. Another thing was that although room service was quick, housekeeping was slow af and it took forever to get towels and washcloths.

Hotel Pool


Ocho Rios

The next day, our driver (Val) took us to Dunn’s Rivers Falls.  Dunn’s River Falls is a famous waterfall near Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It was absolutely amazing. The entire visit took roughly around two to three hours from walking the venue, climbing the waterfall and visiting the shops.

Dunn’s River Falls


Falling in love with Jamaica

After the visiting the shops, we did some additional shopping at the local markets. Pricing for items are relatively average. In the local markets, they are open to negotiation and you can try to bargain for the price you are willing to pay.

Shoppes in Ocho Rios


Later that evening, we partied at Margaritaville in Ocho Rios. Having dance-offs and par-taying like a local.

Night Out in Ocho Rios

Runaway Bay   

The next day, was a much-needed lounge day. Hanging out at the pool and beach was so relaxing and really gave us the chance to take in all the gorgeous views. The ocean water was absolutely amazing. It was so clear that you could see fish swimming around your legs.

Luminous Lagoon

Later that evening, we took a night cruise to the Luminous Lagoon.  The Lagoon is surrounded by mangroves and at night the waters of the lagoon are home to microscopic organisms that emit a phosphorescent blue light when disturbed. This was pretty dope. Every movement was captured by the glow of the water.  Now, I am by no means a swimmer and I am glad they offered life jackets because the tour guide said the bottom was about four to five feet and it was NOT!  I could not touch the bottom and that low key made me nervous, but with the help of my trusty life jacket I was good to go.

One thing I did not like about this experience was the professionalism of the company that we signed up for the tour. They did not have enough vans to take us to the location and the ones that did had broken seats.

Overall, the experience was definitely one to remember.

It’s Glow Time!


Some key takeaways from the trip…

  • They accept U.S. dollars everywhere. You do not need to do any type of money exchange. Converting money to the country’s money is a hassle anyway, so knowing they take U.S. dollars, make it so much easier to deal with.
  • I was unaware, but you can smoke marijuana pretty much any and everywhere in Jamaica. If that’s your thing… heyyyyyy!!!!
  • Definitely research the area you will be staying prior to visiting and the excursions you want to do before you go. I recommend not paying for an excursion online, you can find a better price when you are there locally.
  • And have a good time! I low key stressed a little because I was focused on everyone else’s good time. That’s just me being me.
Living My Best Life

Love life and full of smile!



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  1. Looks like a great time. Jamaica is my mom’s go-to destination. The falls are so much fun! The energy of the people is great and I love how there’s reggae music playing constantly. I’ve experienced phosphorescence in Florida, but I’d love to see it other places.

    • That’s awesome! I bet your mom loves it, such a beautiful place. The tour guide said the phosphorescence was in other parts of the world, but Jamaica has the largest. I learned so much about the country.

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