Pre-Treatment Facial Products I’ve Used and Recommend


By: Cher

If you have been reading up on our blog, then you have probably read Stay Clear which is about my Acne battles. As an adult and having acne it is the worse! You know it can pretty embarrassing with multiple pimples that feel and look like huge craters taking over your face. Like I said… the worse.

Recently, I have been doing some pre-prepping treatments for my face. When I mean treatment, I am referring to facial products to use before my facial routine. I am going to write about three types of products I have been using and the ones I like the most. Feel free to share your facial routine and products down below!


Mud Masks

My favorite product I’ve been using is Purlisse Prevent. It is a Mud Mask and exfoliant. It is a ten-minute facial mask that can be used for all skin types and it works on those with sensitive skin. My face is a combination, so I have a T-zone which means I get really oily on my forehead, nose and chin. Super shiny! My cheeks can get dry if I use certain products or do not moisturize.

I use Purlisse Prevent 1-2 times a week, although it recommends 2-3 times a week. However, using it one time a week for me is enough and I feel like I see immediate results after using it. Some of the ingredients in the product are Blue Lotus, White Clay, Bamboo, Ginger, Mushroom, White Tea and Rice Bran.

I actually tried Purlisse Prevent when I received it in my ipsy bag. It was a trial size. I loved it so much I purchased the larger size. For a 2.5 bottle it is $48.

mud mask

Sheet Masks

If you have never tried a sheet mask, you definitely should! I really like them because they cover your entire face and I feel like I am able to target both my T-zone and dry skin. They come in a variety of different types to focus on your needs. From a smooth complexion to clarifying to moisturizing to detoxifying. They have you covered. Below are a few that I have used. I don’t use them as much, but I do like to use them 2-3 times a month.

Before you apply the mask, your face will need to be clean and dry. Also, with these types of masks, you have to wear them a little longer then the clay masks. To get the full effect, masks need to be worn for 20-30 minutes. Depending on the masks, the ingredients vary. Most sheet masks are available at any beauty store such as Ulta and Sephora. Price ranges from $3-$7.


Cream Masks

My least favorite type of facial mask are the cream masks. I’m not even going to call it a favorite because I do not like them at all, or maybe it was the product I used. I feel like this type of mask caused my skin to become oiler then it already is, and it made my face feel greasy. I did not notice any difference in the product treating my face unlike the other products. I threw the product bottle away because I felt it was just a horrible product. However, I am open to suggestions and if you have a facial cream mask that you swear by, I am open to give it a try. Let me know in the comments below.


Love life and full of smiles!


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