Dream Job Or Reality Road


By: Andrea

I always dreamed that I would be a writer. I used to watch movies and TV shows that showed writers either in a serene, quiet location, or a coffee shop writing their latest and greatest in a notebook or laptop…or typewriter, depending on how old the movie or show was. I thought it would be great to be one of the types of writers; to be able to let my creative mind flow in any setting and be as imaginative and free as I wanted to. It’s been my dream since I was a little girl to be a writer.

So, on this quest to become this writer I’ve always dreamed to be, I started asking one of the most famous questions…” what is a dream job?” I always thought about that question and wondered if writing was truly a dream job for me. Surely, I fantasized about being able to take my computer or journal to Starbucksor the airport, jetting off to some fabulous destination, and writing my latest and greatest novel or article or essay. If it is my dream to become a great writer should that not be what keeps me up at night and make me want to stop at nothing to make that dream come true?

Maybe not. When I started researching the meaning of this question I had to dive deeper. A dream job is something that you enjoy doing and have passion for, meaningful and enjoyable. I thought about a few careers where people have a passion for and find meaningful and enjoyable. Doctor? Fire Firefighter? Policeman? Journalist? Athlete? I’m questioning these professions only because I don’t have the real answer. There are a lot of careers out here that someone could find passion and meaningful and enjoyable nowadays. It’s not even careers that make you get up in the morning, because there are jobs where you feel really happy doing the job and happy getting up in the morning but wouldn’t necessarily consider your dream job.

I then began asking myself is writing truly my dream job. I always thought I could write anything and would write anything if given the opportunity. I would pour my heart and soul into it because it was something that I felt good doing and something I had always aspired to become, something that has never died in me as an career aspiration. I’ve come to the realization that a dream job is really in the eyes of the beholder. I mean, who can really dictate what a dream job is if not you, the aspirer? It should be whatever you find to be meaningful and enjoyable that you’ve always found to be something that you’ve wanted to do.

I may not be a published author now, but I am living up to something that I’ve aspired to do. This blog has become my outlet and connection to what I feel is my passion. As I mentioned above, I always felt I could write anything if I put my mind to it. I still believe that. I believe that writing is what keeps me going and gives me the energy needed to cast doubt on those that may have believed I couldn’t or stopped me from moving forward. I recall having an internship at a magazine company. I had this internship right after I came out of grad school. I thought I was on my way. I thought I was going to finally make it. It wasn’t a paid internship but it was one, nonetheless, I was gaining experience in the business, or so I thought. It wasn’t even 2 months in, after getting assigned my first writing assignment, that the publisher decided to resign and I was left with no direction and nowhere to go. I thought, is this supposed to be part of the deal of living my dream? I started to think, it’s not going to happen, I don’t feel like it is.

I believe there is a fine line. While you may have always aspired to be a great singer or classical musician, you may be destined to be great in another area. But does that mean you totally devoid yourself of your dream because of that? I think it’s important to follow your passions but also be realistic about your journey and what you could be called to do. There are so many things that we, as humans, are great at and have to challenge ourselves with in order to be great. I don’t think it’s worth giving up on a dream but to be realistic about where you are and conquer one great thing at a time. We’re built for it. We have many talents we are called to do. I’m not saying you should be a Doctor or a Lawyer but really think about what drives you and gives you hunger, passion, a desire to want to keep going and make it.

So, talk to me, what are your dream jobs and have you fulfilled them?

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