Stay Clear


By: Cher

Acne…I’ve had it nearly my entire life and still I’ve been unable to find a remedy to help clear my acne for good. I remember when I received my first pimple and then the 20 trillion more that followed on my forehead. It showered my forehead throughout 7th and 8th grade. I was so embarrassed and still slightly am. It doesn’t help that my forehead is pretty large so it made it even more noticeable…lol!.  I wore bangs for a while until, of course, I was told the oils from my hair products would make it worse. The struggle. My aunt gave me a sample of Mary Kay’s acne gel and it worked wonders for my 13-year-old forehead. I couldn’t bare going into high school with a valley full of pimples spread out across my dome.

That worked for a while along with my Clean & Clear astringent. I was a faithful user. However, over time it seemed as though my skin adapted to it. It was at this point of my life that I was a young adult, in college, and still battling with acne. Not as bad as I was dealing with in middle school, but still an issue. I tried Proactive, that didn’t work. Plus, I was told that product was not designed for African-American skin (*shrugs*). Not sure how true that is, but it didn’t work for me. For the next couple of years, I felt like I tried every product sold in the beauty/skin care aisle in the supermarket. Some worked for a while and then it would stop.

The skin type on my face is what they call “combination”. I have a legit T-zone that is super oily and the remaining areas of my face are dry and need a moisturizer. I felt like it was harder for me to find the right combination to use in order to conquer this acne battle. It doesn’t help that my mom also battles with acne, but has found products to help. My older brother had acne for a while. His face looks like he never had it and before he looked like Freddy Kruger’s little brother. How is it that everyone is fortunate enough to figure it out and I am still struggling?

In addition to the acne, within the last four years I have been fortunate enough (*smirk) to experience aging spots. If you don’t know what aging spots are, they are dark spots that appear on your face, hands or any body part that is exposed to the sun. Now, I love laying out in the sun and bronzing my skin but not enough to keep getting these aging spots. I don’t even lay out in the sun like that! Every time I look in the mirror I feel like there is another one that pops up. Can a sista get a break with these skin problems????

So here I am, in my 30s and still lost af as what products I am supposed to use. I know what you are thinking, why doesn’t this chick just go see a dermatologist? My insurance has never covered a dermatologist, so I have not been fortunate enough to see a specialist. Paying out of pocket for this at this moment in my life isn’t something I cannot do at this time.  Maybe in a few more years.  Nonetheless, I know I am not the only one struggling with this issue.  If there was a time in your life that you were battling acne, let me know what worked best for you in the comments below.

Stay_Clear   <- Image displays a mixture of acne and aging spots. Can you tell the difference?


Love Life and Full of Smiles

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  1. Hey girl! I feel you and I think we have pretty similar skin types. I’ve had acne for what seems like my whole life and I’m finally now coming to terms with it and finding the right products for myself.

    I have a bunch of different posts on acne treatments and things that have worked for me, stop by!

  2. I feel your pain too. I have simply accepted my fate for the time being until I can afford a dermatologist. In the last few years I’ve been trying to use products that are more natural and don’t have harsh chemicals. I’m not sure if I will be able to find a product that will treat my problem areas and also be animal/environment friendly, but I’ll address that when I’m ready. I’ve recently cut my hair which has helped clear up certain areas, but like clockwork around that time of the month, my face breaks out again. I’ve never been into makeup, so I don’t bother trying to cover it up. I try to drink water and make sure to use proper spf when in the sun. I hope you’re able to find something that works for you. I believed the hype growing up that acne was an adolescent issue only, but I understand now, all of us aren’t so lucky.

    • Hi Tish! I’m on the same path as you. I’ve been using more natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar and withchhazel but they are temporary fixes not a permanent one. I just started really being interested in makeup. Because my face doesn’t accept certain products it breakouts my skin even more, however I have been using bare minerals and I haven’t had any issues with my skin. It’s a pretty good product for me. I hope you find a solution and a great regimen to help battle your acne. The struggle of adult acne can be so hard at times. Thanks for sharing!

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