New Beginnings



By: Cher

Soooo it finally happened! The judge moved forward with my divorce request and it has been granted. You all just don’t understand how long this process was, especially dealing with someone who would not cooperate. What can I say? Sometimes the things that break you are the things that make you. With that being said, ya girl is finally free! Technically, I have been free…lol, but NOW I am legally unrestricted from doing the things that single women do.

Hearing that was the best news that I heard all year! My first step in celebrating this wonderful information is to host a Divorce party.  Yes, I will be having one! Every person that knows me, knows that I love to party and have a good time. I live a #YOLO mentality. You only live once, so live it the best that you can.

So, what is a single woman to do besides partying??? Hmmm…. I need some ideas. Being single in 2017 is different than being single in 2009. I have tried dating digitally and I still cringe at the thought of myself actually doing it. The weirdos that I met…oh boy!  Hand clap to those that found a genuine person to connect with. I even tried a little rotation *hint *hint (no judge zone here)! But that got boring after a while and even time consuming.  The things we do when we are single, lol! My dating journey will definitely be interesting.

I was talking to a friend one day and she mentioned now that I am single I will have to get back into the competition with all these 20 year olds with their nice firm bodies and energy. All I could think to myself OMFG…she is right! I barely have enough time to work out and sometimes I don’t even have enough energy to make myself available, especially when I am focusing all my attention on my boys. Honestly, I really don’t have a lot of time to date or even make myself available when needed. As I am thinking to myself as I write this, I will more than likely be single FOR-EV-ER (in my “Ham Porter” voice, for those that have seen the Sandlot, you know how it sounds). I am not totally okay with this, but if that is the life for me then that is what it is supposed to be. I have tried it my way for so long and forced things into what I thought it should be, that I feel like I have failed.

I have waited for this moment in my life for a while now. Not just being single, but being able to take back a part of my life that was that had been suppressed. That baggage has been left with the rest of the struggles and pain I dealt with the past two years. I never thought I would be a divorced single mother of two boys, but I am grateful for the new path I will be encountering.  Entering the single life, meeting new people and learning new things is an adventure I am excited to experience each day moving forward. I would like to hear from other divorce folks out there.  How have coped with life after divorce? Drop a note below.

Love Life and Full of Smiles



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